Woman/ Saint and Sinner

So many times I make connections to what Chad Bird writes to something I’ve written or am thinking about.  For example, this was posted today.Chad birdn

I made the connection to this poem of mine:




I would be that woman

of Canaan,

A notorious sinner,

A feral dog,

a bitch.

Surreptitiously sidling

To the Master’s crumbs


under the table.


A woman of exceptional faith,

Who knew her bloodied clothes,


could not be dogged,

licked clean.

The only human hand,

God hand,

Resurrected hand,

could wash,

waters living,

the stain of sin.


She cried out:



I would be that woman

of the well,


Handprint of many men.

Adam’s fingerprint upon her chest:

A scarlet tattoo.


I am a handful of emotional sin,

too much for anyone to handle.

Except by you, God.

No different.

No less.

No more.

than anyone else.


I need my Savior.

My Christ.

My Jesus.

He stands between me and my God,

so I might be perfect in His sight.


I cry out to Him.

I get what I came for:

Not crumbs,

but cakes of mercy,

bread of forgiveness,

licking the pools of spilled wine,


That act of blood,

bleaches stains in a sodden cloth.

The medicine of immortality,

In bread and wine,

Body and blood.


My faith is but a fragment

upon the floor, ant-like.

I cry out

and He gives me what I came for:

in His eyes I am unblemished.


I am as sinful

as those righteous women.

And like them I depend on Jesus.


I am a dog,

a whore,


a baptized child of God,

adopted as righteous

because of one selfless act.


First published Ancient Paths Online, Spring 2015.

Published by: Basicallybarb

Barbara A Meier is a poet, teacher, and mother, trying to write her way out of Kansas, anxiety and depression. Instead of indulging in feeling like garbage, trash, or rubbish, she chooses to examine the debris of her life by writing poems about it. After all as a forgiven, child of God, simultaneously saint and sinner, she is loved and cherished by her God.

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