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https://www.dirtygirlsmagazine.com/issue1 Page 41

Two years ago I had a nice long talk with my oldest sister, Susan.  Susan held a highly professional job with a pharmaceutical company which required quite a lot of flying time.  This was in the 1980s before the “me too” movement.

I was discussing with her a recent news article about how a woman woke up on a plane to a man fondling her and the airlines did nothing about it.  I was appalled.  It was then when Susan told me about her own airplane story.

She too woke up to a man fondling her on an airplane.  She reported it to the flight attendant and she was given a new seat.  She could have pursued legal action but the airline was discouraging her from doing it.  At that time she decided to let it go because it was looking to be a hassle to pursue it.

I never knew this and I am dismayed that it is STILL going on almost 30 years later.  So this poem is for Susan and all the other ladies who have suffered in silence.

Published by: Basicallybarb

Barbara A Meier is a poet, teacher, and mother, trying to write her way out of Kansas, anxiety and depression. Instead of indulging in feeling like garbage, trash, or rubbish, she chooses to examine the debris of her life by writing poems about it. After all as a forgiven, child of God, simultaneously saint and sinner, she is loved and cherished by her God.

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