Douglas Scott Delaney/ Tower Dog

tower dog

This guy haunts me.  I first met him in a Dr Wroten class at Southwestern College.  (Shakespeare?)  He seemed to be a football jock from New York.  There was something about him though. He scared me.  He intrigued me. I was drawn to him.

I don’t think I really ever got to know him.

There was something so raw and powerful about him.  He was a fantasy hiding behind words and sheets.

I moved away to Oregon, married, had 3 boys, and threw myself into being the “perfect” mom, wife, and teacher.    I worshipped the roles. But you know what happens when you make idols out of people and things?  Yep, God has a way of stripping those things away from you.  He wants you bareboned so you can only depend on Him.

During these times, Doug would pop in and out of my life.  It always seemed to be at a time when I needed some encouragement or fantasy to get through my life.

He is a published playwright.  He has short stories published.  He wrote screenplays and even has a movie to his name.  I am in awe, envious, and glad I was so right about his talent.

He popped back into my life again this past month with the news he has a book published.  Tower Dogs, available on Amazon.  Once again at a time when I need to feel desirable and to enjoy a good fantasy.

I started reading his book 2 days ago.  Once again Doug haunts me. His words shake me to my core and I realise I don’t think I ever really knew him.  I am in awe that I do know him.  Such raw, naked power in his words, like the storms that blow in from the Pacific Coast and wrap my house in rain, shaking it ever which way in a vortex of wind.  All I can do is huddle and listen for the next gust, wondering if it is the one that will take the roof off or blow the windows in?

As painful as your words are I am wrapping them around me, Doug, and huddling under the sheets with them.


Published by: Basicallybarb

Barbara A Meier is a poet, teacher, and mother, trying to write her way out of Kansas, anxiety and depression. Instead of indulging in feeling like garbage, trash, or rubbish, she chooses to examine the debris of her life by writing poems about it. After all as a forgiven, child of God, simultaneously saint and sinner, she is loved and cherished by her God.

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