Dream. Believe. Do.

Dennis Hodges was Sir Dudley to my Queen Elizabeth Iin Vivat Vivat Regina at Southwestern College in the1977-78 school year. He was 2 years younger than me but just as charming as Sir dudley. He was also and is kind, creative, and a true “Renaissance” man.

His group of classmates never failed to invite me to all their class renions. With the advent of Facebook, I was able to reestablish many of the college relationships I had in the 70’s. In fact, I probably have more relationships with people I wasn’t friends with college now. Age and maturity do a lot for relationships.

Dennis is largely responsible for me starting to write again. It was a statement he made on Facebook that resonanted with me that got me started again.

As a result, we were able to reestablish a much deeper and meanigful relationship- philosphically and creatively over the past year.

I am deeply honoured to be interviewed by Dennis for his web site, Dream. Beleive. Do. It is a validation of my own artistry. Thank you, Dennis, for helping me to realise the value of ME.



Published by: Basicallybarb

Barbara A Meier is a poet, teacher, and mother, trying to write her way out of Kansas, anxiety and depression. Instead of indulging in feeling like garbage, trash, or rubbish, she chooses to examine the debris of her life by writing poems about it. After all as a forgiven, child of God, simultaneously saint and sinner, she is loved and cherished by her God.

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